Update to Masking Policy

With the recent change in masking requirements by the State of California, Bishop Marc is permitting parishes to make mask wearing optional if all present who are 5 years old or over to give proof of vaccination.

Following this guidance, and starting on March 6th, masks will be option at the 8:00 a.m. service. To comply with Diocesan guidance on this, we will ask for attendees to provide proof of vaccination to our usher and to indicate on the sign-in sheet that they have been vaccinated. We appreciate your compliance with this new requirement at this service.

The 10:15 a.m. service will continue to require masks at this time. This decision was made with several goals in mind. First to provide a worship experience for our members who are uncomfortable gathering together unmasked. Second, to maintain higher standards of precaution at a service with full choir participation. And third, so that we wouldn’t find ourselves in the spot of turning away visitors to our parish who don’t have a vaccination card on them when joining us on Sundays.

We recognize that this means our 10:15 a.m. service is one of the few places that you will go where you are required to wear a mask. It is a tough decision to have to make, and we appreciate your compliance with this policy.

In this vein, indoor meetings on campus permitted to be mask-optional, provided all attendees are vaccinated and agree to do so.

Other Announcements

Lenten Series with Trinity Parish

Our rector and Rob Voyle, the interim rector at Trinity Parish, will collaborate on a Lenten program with the two parishes starting the week of