Last Sunday After Epiphany, Year C

The Transfiguration has long been one of my favorite moments given to us in the Life of Christ in the Gospels. It’s a moment when the curtain between heaven and earth is drawn back, where we can peer briefly into the glory of God as revealed in Jesus Christ and his life among us, and […]

Seventh Sunday After Epiphany, Year C

The Most High is kind to the ungrateful and the wicked. So be merciful, just as your God is merciful. That is the example set before us in Scripture, that we are to do well to everyone, to be merciful to everyone, especially those who don’t deserve it. And our Gospel reading for this morning […]

Fifth Sunday After Epiphany, Year C

You may have noticed, that superhero movies dominate the blockbuster movie business. Whether from the Marvel or the DC comic universe, each year pumps out multiple movies based on superheroes from comic books. There’s superman, spiderman, batman, Iron Man — lots of men, apparently. Thankfully we’re also seeing the rise of female superheroes, like Supergirl, […]

Fourth Sunday After Epiphany, Year C

I will try to make my words brief, yet meaningful. After our service we have our annual parish meeting, and I hear that there are a couple of football games you may want to watch starting at noon. In order to get you out in a timely manner from these things today, as I said, […]

Third Sunday After Epiphany, Year C

What is the Good News? It’s not been that long since the last time this question came up. December 19th, actually, when we were looking at John’s the Baptist’s call for the people to repent, we discussed this and what it means for God to love us, and every part of us, and would do […]