Who We Are

St. Bede’s is made up of

accountants and astrophysicists,
authors and amateurs,
bachelors and babies,
caregivers and kids,
counselors and cooks,
engineers and electricians,
fathers and florists,
financiers and physicists,
librarians and lovers,
mothers and movers,
musicians and mystics,
nurses and nannies,
programmers and pediatricians,
professors and paralegals,
realtors and road-builders,
sisters and surgeons,
students and stalwarts,
teachers and techies

Some of us are lifelong Episcopalians; others of us were raised in Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Lutheran, Mormon, or Orthodox traditions or in no religion at all. We like music, children, and thought-provoking sermons. We value knowing each other’s names. We see the face of Jesus Christ in those who are poor, sick, or hurting. We disagree about matters of politics and theology, yet we’re able to love each other in spite of our differences. We believe God is up to great things in this community of faith, and we want to know you.

Mission Statement

Worship God with dignity and joy in the Episcopal tradition.
Provide opportunities for spiritual growth and nourishment as well as for fellowship within our community and for all to whom we are called to minister.
Develop our resources — spiritual, cultural, intellectual, financial — for the service of God.
“Go forth in the name of Christ” into the larger community and demonstrate the Christian conscience as it relates to moral issues and human needs.
Continue Christ’s own ministry of healing and reconciliation.

The Episcopal Church

St. Bede’s is a parish of the Episcopal Church, a fellowship of Christians who trace their heritage to the Church of England by way of the American Revolution. The word “Episcopal” means “having bishops” and describes the way we organize ourselves as a denomination. Episcopalians are known for praying what we believe — our worship expresses our theology, and we try to live out what we believe in our Monday to Saturday lives.

We are open to questioning, doubt, and strongly held beliefs; we take the Bible seriously without taking it literally. We find God in the beauty of worship, art, music, and architecture. Our spirituality is omnivorous, and many spiritual practices from a variety of traditions feed our souls. The Episcopal tradition of social justice and our belief that all people are beloved children of God guides us to work for the full equality of racial and ethnic minorities, women, and LGBTQ+ people. Nevertheless, we strongly value individual conscience. We govern ourselves through a democratic structure in which all God’s people have a role.

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