St. Bedes Menlo Park Church Sanctuary
    • Soulwork: Embracing Forgiveness

      Sunday, 23 July 2017  -  09:00 AM
      On July 23 we'll begin a five-week series on Embracing Forgiveness. Jesus’ command to forgive others as we have been forgiven is one of his more challenging teachings. Using a video series featuring noted author the Rev. Barbara Crafton, we’ll explore the meaning and practice of forgiveness.

    • Home & Hope helpers are needed!

      Sunday, 06 August 2017  - 
      Many volunteers are needed August 6-13 when St. Bede’s hosts homeless families here on our campus. Contact Emilee Wilhelm-Leen, Carol Brink, or Jeanne Cooper for information or to volunteer. (Contact the parish office if you need their contact information.)