St. Bedes Menlo Park Church Sanctuary
    • Soulwork: Trans Christianity

      Sunday, 11 November 2018  -  09:00 AM
      The first three Sundays in November we consider a series on Trans Christianity. Gender identity is an essential aspect of humanity. How does it relate to our faith? How might transgendered people expand our understanding of Christianity?

    • Arts at St. Bede's presents Collage Vocal Ensemble

      Sunday, 18 November 2018  -  04:00 PM
      In Close Encounters, Collage will have fun with what can happen when genres mix within a song or one culture collides with another, for example, when a jazz composer borrows a theme from a Romantic composer, when a composer arranges a folk tune for a medieval chant, or when Latin rhythms transform a Tin Pan Alley tune.
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