St. Bedes Menlo Park Church Sanctuary
    • Family Sharing: Focus on teens

      Sunday, 16 December 2018  - 
      At EHP’s request, our focus this year is on teenagers, who are often overlooked at Christmastime. Many thanks to parishioners who have bought Christmas stockings and small gifts and teen-oriented gift cards for stuffing them, or who have contributed to their purchase. Sunday is the final day to donate. Angela Sherry will be at both coffee hours to receive your donations.

    • Soulwork: Prophecies of Messiah

      Sunday, 16 December 2018  -  09:00 AM
      On the four Sundays of Advent, Soulwork will reflect on Prophecies of Messiah. We’ll consider what the Jewish prophets said about the coming Messiah and how Christians interpreted those scriptures to apply to Jesus.

    • RSVP: Christmas Eve community dinner

      Monday, 17 December 2018  - 
      Do sign up for this festive meal by Monday, December 17, at coffee hours or by contacting Jeanne Cooper or the office. Turkey and vegetarian lasagna and various side dishes are provided, along with festive decor; dessert includes Christmas cookies and potluck contributions. All ages are welcome.