St. Bedes Menlo Park Church Sanctuary
    • Soulwork: Bridging the Political Divide

      Sunday, 21 October 2018  -  09:00 AM
      During October we're exploring a series on Bridging the Political Divide using a video series by noted Quaker author Parker Palmer. Disagreement is vital to a healthy democracy, Palmer says. We’ll explore how we can disagree better and have better politics and better relationships.

    • Parish fall meeting with elections & Harvest Brunch

      Sunday, 28 October 2018  -  11:30 AM
      All are encouraged to attend. Light brunch items will be offered and childcare provided.

    • All Souls Memorial Service at St. Bede's

      Saturday, 03 November 2018  -  04:00 PM
      The choirs and clergy of St. Bede’s and Christ Church, Portola Valley, will lead a service of remembrance featuring Johann Sebastian Bach’s Cantata BWV 106, Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit, for choir, soloists, two recorders, two viols, and organ.