Children’s & Youth Programs

St. Bede’s Sunday morning children’s and youth programs take place in Wyatt Hall, on the west side of the courtyard. (The church is on the south side of the courtyard.)

Sunday School

Begins at 10:15am

Our younger children, aged about 3-6, enjoy learning through Godly Play. The program encourages open-ended wondering questions using captivating props and accessible language.

Our older children, in grades 2 through 5 (give or take), are using the curriculum Spark: Activate Faith! which provides helpful interactive and artistic activities that connect the story to the children’s everyday life. This curriculum is lectionary-based, meaning it generally follows the church calendar and pulls readings directly from Scripture. This allows the children to really begin to seek an adult understanding of faith formation.


Available 9:00-11:30am

During Sunday’s 10:15 service, infants and toddlers may be cared for in our professionally staffed nursery, just steps away from the church sanctuary.


By age 12 or 13, most children benefit more from attending the church service with their parents (or serving as acolytes or lectors) than from traditional Sunday school with younger children. The first Sunday of every month, St. Bede’s middle school and high school youth grab snacks at coffee hour after Sunday’s 10:15 service then gather for discussion from 11:30-12:15 or so in their own cozy Youth Room. Topics are spurred by the youth themselves and focus on bringing their faith into active discussion. Previous topics have included: Does God watch sports? Is God active in our lives? and How are we different than other Christian denominations?

Every January on Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend, the youth do a different service project in the community.

St. Bede’s is seeking a Children’s and Youth Minister:
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